Top Luxury 10 Airports in Chicago Illinois

 Want to know about airports in Chicago Illinois? You are in the right place. Chicago is officially known as the City of Chicago. It is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Illinois.  In addition, it is also the third most populous city in the United States. With an estimated population of 2,705,994 as of 2018. In this regard, lets explore the top 10 airports in Chicago Illinois that would blow your mind, and make you travel like a king.

It is a known fact, that the number of airports in a city shows the progress in the sector of tourism, and by extension, the economy of that city at large. This is so because as people troop in and out of that city, commercial activities are always on increase.

The airport connectivity symbolizes the quality of life and standard of living in that particular area. The airports in Chicago Illinois are designated to cater to the different needs of the people who are natives as well for those who keep flying in and out of Chicago for business and tourism purposes.

However, here we have provided you the list of top 10 airports in Chicago Illinois. This list would provide answers to questions on your mind like what are the top airports in Chicago Illinois? how many international airports in Chicago Illinois?

The different international airports in Chicago Illinois provide connectivity to different regions of the country owing to its strategic location. And, for the fact that Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States of America. So, with an idea of the facilities provided, the location of the airport, one can book tickets accordingly.

10 Main Airports in Chicago Illinois

This list would also prove to be of great help to those who are planning a trip to Chicago for whatever purpose. So, take a look and go!

1. Chicago DuPage County Airport – Airports in Chicago Illinois

most preferred choice for business travelers, airports in chicago illinois

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Speaking about the top international airports in Chicago, DuPage County Airport tops the list. Name any national’s flight, you can see it operating to DuPage. The striking facilities offered at DuPage make it the most preferred choice for business travelers and tourists alike. Not to mention the excellent top-notch flight services Centre of DuPage.

A dedicated school of learning of DuPage provides a holistic learning experience. The airport is busy owing to the fact of the two counties, namely DuPage and Kane. These two counties are some of the most industrialized locations in Illinois. A lot of foreign students, workers, and industrialists prefer DuPage county airport.

Location: West Chicago, USA

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2. Chicago Midway International Airport – Airports in Chicago Illinois

aerial view of the airport in chicago illinois

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The aerial view of the Chicago Midway International Airport is as enthralling as its interiors. The airport belongs to the list of old airports in Chicago, began as an airmail service airport has now has turned out to become one of the busiest airports in Chicago Illinois. It is also nicknamed the world’s busiest square mile. A number of flights keep buzzing through the runways of the airport every minute. Before O Hare International airport came into existence, the Chicago Midway International Airport served the commercial needs of Chicago.

Location: Cicero Ave, Chicago, USA

3. Chicago O Hare International Airport – Airports In Chicago Illinois

world’s sixth busiest airport

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This is a great one on this list of Airports in Chicago Illinois. The O Hare International Airport is the world’s sixth busiest airport. The airport is extremely huge with umpteen number of domestic, international and regional destinations. This is a great place to unwind while waiting for your connecting flight. The airport serves the major world’s cuisine. The yoga bar and meditation centers providing a relaxing experience to remove the jet lag of consistent travelers.

Location: W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, USA

4. PalWaukee Airport – Airports In Chicago Illinoise 

world’s sixth busiest airport

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If you do not want to get stuck in the traffic of O Hare, then you must book your tickets for flights from PalWaukee Airport. The airport is exclusively designed to operate executive flights. If you are planning on attending an important business meeting, then you must book tickets for boarding at PalWaukee Airport.

Location: Wheeling, USA

5. Chicago RockFord International Airport – Airports In Chicago Illinois

some of the best runways in the world

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The Rockford International Airport has some of the best runways in the world that could withstand any harsh weather conditions. The passengers who need to make an urgent flight despite the external situations flock to Rockford.

The highly sophisticated facilities provided at the airport place it amongst the first choice for flyers. Every penny spent at this airport is worth it. Most of the foreign trade cargos are carried out from the RockFord International Airport.

Location: Rockford, USA

6. South Bend International Airport – Airports In Chicago Illinois

developed industrial region, airport in chicago

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This airport is located in Indiana which is an equally developed industrial region. If you are looking out for good regional airports in Chicago Illinois, then South Bend should be the topmost priority. This is the best choice to make if you are planning to visit a place near Chicago and not exactly Chicago. So, take your friends or family on a trip near Chicago through this!

Location: Progress Dr, South Bend, USA

7. Milwaukee General Mitchell airport – Airports in Chicago Illinois

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This is a classic airport on this top 10 list of airports in Chicago Illinois. It was named after the General who was instrumental (and played a vital role) during the world war, this airport is known for the best technical expertise. The pilots who operate the flights from Milwaukee are trained from the General’s flight training school. A highly qualified general who was the son of a millionaire started the school to train pilots.

Building a strong air force, increasing the civil aviation capacities of the USA against the Germans was his primary aim. The quality of flights manufactured at this airport is one of its kind.
The prices of the tickets at this airport are also not too expensive despite providing a safe journey.

Location: Howell Ave, Milwaukee, USA

8. Lafayette Airport – Airports in Chicago Illinoise

good pick up, drop services

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If you are looking for the best private airports in Chicago Illinois, then Lafayette should be the right choice. The exceptionally good pick up, drop and other customer services are the USPs’ of this airport. Located very near to Chicago, this can never be compared to the other private airports in terms of its location, services, etc.,

The airport is disabled friendly which is again one of the biggest pluses. Great food, porter services, free Wi-fi, excellent lounge pulls the flyers to this airport. The strategic location of this airport is great for any sudden take offs.

Location: Lafayette, USA

9. Kalamazoo Airport – Airports in Chicago Illinois

built in tropical locale

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Kalamazoo Airport joins the list of international airports in Chicago Illinois easily due to the best services it avail customers. The weather of Kalamazoo never proves to be a hindrance for flights during any time of the year. Kalamazoo is a tropical locale. Those who are planning to go on a holiday, take the flight to the Kalamazoo airport first and then move from there to various other places.

Location: Portage, USA

10. Muskegon International Airport – Airports in Chicago Illinois

wide variety of civil aviation services

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The Muskegon International Airport provides a wide variety of civil aviation services. It is highly connected to O Hare International Airport, which paves way for easy transportation between the airports near Chicago and airports at Chicago. So, either you are visiting Chicago with your friends or family, you can hop on the flight through here easily.

Location: Muskegon, USA


Quick note: These are the list of airports located near and in Chicago. One can spot every airport as one could find in the classification of airports in Chicago Illinois. 

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In conclusion: By every known standards, these are the best 10 Airports in Chicago Illinois to catch a nice flight. Do note that this list is subject to scrutiny and we await your objections. Thank you

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