Best Restaurants in NYC For Tasty Meals

Top 10 Restaurants in Nyc

Here we have a list of the 10 BEST restaurants in NYC where you can walk in and have that your favorite food during your routine meal schedules. We shall tell you why we listed them as the right restaurants for you. By the way, the adjective BEST is defined by what your perception your perception of the word GOOD, or PERFECT entails. Because, what you consider best might not actually be the best to some others. However, The best restaurant in New York City doesn’t really exist. Because for sure, when you enter New York City you will probably get confused with regards to best places or the best place to drop a bundle of money for a tasty meal.  These under-listed restaurants are the best places to go get that your favorite recipe. Note: this listing here is in accordance to our own research. It might differ from what others might come up with as the best restaurants in New York City. 


Here we have presented you with the best restaurants in NYC. Most of them on this list are new players in the game, and have colorfully outshone the older restaurants in the city. We will continue to update this list for your consumption because even as I am typing this, we have new best restaurants that are under-constructions, and will be popping up soon in the land of endless eating and drinking. These are the most noteworthy top 10 best restaurants in NYC that are relatively new. Get in quick, and see if you can find a new personal best birthday, anniversary, bon-voyage, big promotion, first date, last date, or special occasion spot among these crop of ten. 

Carnegie Diner (NYC Best Restaurants)

Best Restaurants in nyc

A diner? Near Columbus Circle? In this economy? 
The buzz: It’s still too early to tell, but this 57th Street newcomer seems like it’s poised to appeal to tourists, the after-theatre crowd, and the rich folks from nearby Billionaires’ Row alike. 
The vibe: Grousing about disappearing diners is as rich an NYC tradition as sliding into harshly lit booth at for a 3am omelette, but listen to this!: Carnegie Diner is one of a few new restaurants of the genre to open in about as many months. This one boasts dozens of menu items, plenty of booze, and a huge, gleaming, subway-tiled interior that skews more Keith McNally than greasy spoon. 
The food: This is the first and last time in the history of the written word that the following phrase will be anything more than a prime example of an avoidable cliche: The Carnegie Diner has something for everyone. It’s got your pastrami sandwich, it’s got your buttermilk pancakes, it’s got carbonara, spinach pie, eggs any way, big salads, cakes and pies, black coffee, beer, wine, and cocktails. Plus milkshakes! Give a hoot — sip a shake. 
Cost: Breakfast-y entrees are $13-26, salads, sandwiches and burgers are $15-$28, and dinner-y dishes are $19-$27. Most cocktails are $12, wines by the glass are $10 and under, and beers are $5-7. Or, you can sip a bottomless cuppa coffee at the counter like some kinda Nighthawk for $3.50.

Sanpoutei (Places To Eat in NYC)

Nyc best restaurants

A worthy new ramen destination among ramen destinations 
The buzz: Hospitality behemoth Sanpou Group’s first US restaurant brings Japanese-Chinese cuisine and a hearty ramen offering to 2nd Avenue. 
The vibe: Sanpoutei’s 50 seats are almost evenly split between its stone-toned bar area up front and the amber-lit dining room in the back. 
The food: Menu highlights include the pan-fried pork gyoza, crispy eggplant, fried chicken, and the Sanpoutei niboshi shoyu ramen with pork belly, green beans, egg, onion, and bamboo shoots. A special mabo ramen (think mapo tofu) is only available at lunch from noon-3pm each day. Each of Sanpoutei’s sake options are sourced from Niigata Prefecture, and more than a few are incorporated in kicky cocktails like the sake-styled take on a dirty martini. 
Cost: Appetizers run from $10-18, larger plates are $19-43, and seven ramen varieties are available in small or standard sizes for $12-18. Sanpoutei’s smallest bottles of saki (180ml) start at $11 and its largest (720ml) top out at $160. Sake cocktails are all $12 and under, wines by the glass are $13 and under, and three beer selections run from $6-12.

Jua (NYC Best Restaurants To Eat)

Nyc top restaurants

Nine courses of wood-fired Korean cooking for under $100 per person
The buzz: Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder, and the new restaurant from the folks behind NYC juggernauts AtoboyAtomix, and Jungsik is finally open after weeks of (very common in the restaurant industry) delays. 
The vibe: Jua’s long, narrow space is wrapped in semi-unfinished surfaces like rough wood, exposed brick and concrete that combine to create a lunar-hued, rustic/modern dining room that seats 42. The high, oak and cherry ceiling harks to a wood-burning stove in the open kitchen. 
The food: A nine-course tasting menu includes smoked caviar with crispy seaweed, cold-smoked mackerel, aged duck, barbecue short rib, and charcoal-infused ice cream. Jua’s liquor license is pending approval. 
Cost: $95 for nine courses. Boozy bevs are forthcoming.

Crown Shy (Best Places to Eat In NYC)

An instant classic and emerging standard for downtown dining
Located on narrow Pine Street in the somewhat sleepy-after-sundown Financial District, Crown Shy strikes an intimate, secluded chord, in spite of its soaring ceilings, theatrically lit open kitchen, and 120-sea capacity. Entering through the marble, Art Deco lobby is like arriving at a clandestine celebrity wedding where invitations go out the day of and never mention nuptials. The food and drinks, too, are fit for a celebration: punchy “Crown” cocktails are topped with regal garnishes, complimentary olive bread will give you the rare dining sensation that you’re getting away with something, the warm, rich gruyere fritters are fit for a king, and Crown Shy’s crown jewel — the braised short rib for two — will inspire you to book your next reservation before you’ve even signed the check. 


Wayan (NYC Best Restaurants)

Best place to eat in nyc

A new kid on the block from a culinary dynasty
Even without the family name, a visit to Cedric Vongerichten’s French-Indonesian Spring Street spot would still be worth shaking up your dining out routine. Novel cocktails like the Greater Galangal Sour (Scotch, chickpea water, galangal) and South-East Sweet Tea (bourbon, red tea, honey, smoked salt) are speedily prepared in the urban-beachy bar area. You’ll be satisfied from any seat in the house, but scoring a booth in the similarly fashioned back room is like hitting the jackpot. Start with small but hearty plates of plump shrimp satay, peekytoe crab cake, and clams, followed by larger dishes of lobster noodles, and falling-off-the-bone baby back pork ribs.

Sofresh (Best Eateries In NYC)

Best places to eat in new york city

One of last year’s best openings in the US, right here in NYC
Thrillist named this freshman effort by chef Nasim Alikhani one of the nation’s 13 best openings last year. Alikhani honed her home cooking for decades before bringing Persian fare like kofteh (beef, tarragon, rice, and split pea meatballs), braised lamb in an onion and turmeric broth, and pomegranate beef ribeye kabab to a bright, beachy northwest Brooklyn venue. [Reservations – by Open Table]

Frenchette (Best Restaurants in NYC)

frenchette restuarant nyc

A neighborhood brasserie suited for special occasions — if you can get a table
If Frenchette shot to the top of your must-go list when it opened in 2018, the good news is you have excellent taste: it shot to the top of nearly every NYC critic’s ‘Best Of’ list by the year’s end. The bad news is, if you didn’t go then, you may have to wait until the neutral-hued, understated restaurant’s lingering buzz flatlines. Plan a visit for spring, 2021 — or, try your luck at scoring a walk-in table for a chance to try the rich liver pâté on charred bread, perfectly pink, perfectly fatty duck and accompanying frites, carefully curated wines, and novel cocktails.

Oxomoko (NYC Best Restaurants)

Best nyc restaurants to eat

Michelin-starred Mexican with one of the city’s best steaks
Oxomoco earned its Michelin star at lightning speed, and it only takes one visit to understand why. The grilled maitake, chicken al pastor, pork cheek carnitas, and lamb barbacoa fillings make every taco Tuesday an affair to remember, and frozen cocktails infuse the tightly packed, but relaxed, airy, space with even more levity. The steak for two cements this as one of the best restaurants in New York City. The star of 32-oz dry aged bone in ribeye is its fat, which has a silky, bone marrow-like, melt in your mouth texture.

Ugly Baby (NYC Best Restaurants)

nyc restuarants

Thai worth waiting for in one narrow, kaleidoscopic room
Occupying a seemingly “doomed” storefront on Smith Street in South Brooklyn, Ugly Baby appears to have broken its location’s spell. Crowds abide a no reservations policy and long waits to test the average human palate’s spice tolerance. Assume everything here will be hot: the five spice pork leg stew will be hot; the duck salad will be hot; and the southern dry eye round curry will be “brutally spicy.” Cool down with selections from the wine and beer menu.

Olmsted (Best Restaurants in NYC)

Nicest eatery in nyc

A rotating menu that never misses in flora-forward environs
This the last but not the list on our list of the best restaurants in NYC. The hottest ticket in town circa 2016, Olmsted’s popularity has barely cooled. You’re maybe 10% more likely to nab a table than you would have been three years ago — but it can be done if you’re willing to sample the decadent duck liver mousse, perky sweet potato and uni pierogies, and bouillabaisse hot pot off-peak. Skip the basic cocktail names (pine, lavender, rosemary, apple) and scan their descriptions for the base spirit you want to sip (gin, bourbon, mezcal, and rye, respectively). [Reservations – by Open Table]

The above are the top 10 best restaurants in New York City. In case you are looking for a few of the best places to eat out during your vacation in New York City, I think we have got you the best ten eateries here. Do note that this list is not sacrosanct, it is subject to change. 

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